(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta
 Acanthametropus/fg1 - Acanthametropus/fg2)

Nomen hierarchicum: Acanthametropus/fg2 [f:1963; g:1948] (sine Analetris

In circumscription fits:

gen. Acanthametropus Tshernova 1948: 1453

gen. Metreturus Burks 1953: 146

subfam. Acanthametropodinae: Demoulin 1974: 3

fam. Acanthametropodidae: McCafferty 1991a: 349

Acanthametropus/fg2: Kluge 2004: 89

Nominal taxon included: Metreturus/g [g:1953]

References. Tshernova 1948: ; 1952: ; Burks 1953: ; Bajkova 1970 (Isonychia polita): ; Edmunds & Jensen & Berner 1976: ; Tshernova & Kluge & Sinitshenkova & Belov 1986: ; McCafferty 1991c: ; Kluge & Studemann & Landolt & Gonser 1995: ; Kluge 2004: .

Autapomorphies of Acanthametropus/fg2.

(1) Larval and imaginal head mediad of antennae bases has a pair of pointed projections (Kluge 2004: Fig.23:E); in larva they are much larger than in imago.

(2) Maxillary palp is vestigial, 1-segmented. 

(3) Larval abdomen has unpaired dorsal and ventral projections (McCafferty 1991: Fig.1-2).

(4) In each tergalius [3-lamellate see Acanthametropus/fg1 (5)] both ventral (additional) lamellae and anal margin of dorsal lamella are dissected to numerous branched processes (Kluge 2004: Fig.23:A).

(5) In imago and subimago (including male) caudalii [see Plesiomorphies of Acanthametropus/fg1] are relatively short, shorter than abdomen (unlike overwhelming majority of mayflies, which have caudalii of male imago strongly elongated).

(6) In male imago and subimago on fore leg both claws are blunt (while on other legs they are ephemeropteroid see Plesiomorphies of Acanthametropus/fg1). Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.2.77]).

Plesiomorphies of Acanthametropus/fg2. Unlike Analetris, gonostylus has 2 distal segments (Kluge 2004: Fig.23:G).

Size. Fore wing length 1420 mm.

Distribution. Amphipacific Sector of Holarctic: Eastern Palaearctic and Nearctic.

Nominal species in Acanthametropus/fg2: 

nikolskyi Tshernova 1948 [Acanthametropus] --/

pecatonica Burks 1953 [Metreturus]

polita Bajkova 1970 [Isonychia]   syn.subj. nikolskyi [Acanthametropus]

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