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ThraulusChoroterpes/fg2 Euthraulus/g1 - Monochoroterpes)

Nomen hierarchicum: Monochoroterpes/g [g:2015] (= Monophyllus/g [g:2012] nom.praeocc.)

In circumscription fits:

— Monophyllus/g(1) = subgen. Monophyllus = gen. Monophyllus: Kluge 2012

— Monochoroterpes/g(1) = subgen. Monochoroterpes = gen. Monochoroterpes: Kluge & Jacobus 2015

References. Kluge 2012 (as Monophyllus):

Autapomorphies of Monochoroterpes.

(1) Tergalii II–VII [initially bilamellate – see Choroterpes/fg2 (2)] are unilamellate. Each lamella has all three apical processes subequal, long and slender (Kluge 2012: Fig.121–126) (as in Euthraulus).

Size. Fore wing length 4 mm.

Distribution. Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Monochoroterpes/g(1):

monophyllus Kluge 2012 [Choroterpes (Monophyllus)] — typus nominis Monochoroterpes /

nandini Selvakumar & Janarthanan & Sivaramakrishnan 2014 [Choroterpes (Monophyllus)] --/

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