(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Leptophlebia/fg1 pm.Leptophlebia/fg2 Leptophlebia/fg3 - Leptophlebia/fg4)

Nomen hierarchicum: Leptophlebia/fg4 [f:1900; g:1840] (sine Paraleptophlebia; incl. Blasturus)

In circumscription fits:

— subgen. Leptophlebia: Jacob 1974a: 4

— gen. Leptophlebia Westwood 1840: 31

Synonym: subjective synonym of Leptophlebia/fg (typus Ephemera vespertina) – Euphyurus/g [g:1909] (typus Euphyurus albitarsus) (subjective synonymy: vespertina [Ephemera] = albitarsus [Euphyurus])

Nominal taxon included: Blasturus/g [g:1881]

References.  Lestage 1917: *; – Peters & Edmunds 1970: * *; – Edmunds & Jensen & Berner 1976: * *

Autapomorphy of Leptophlebia/fg4.

(1) In mature larva, tergalii I and II–VII are sharply different. Tergalius I retains initial structure [see Leptophlebia/fg1 (10)] – slender, bifurcate. Tergalii II–VII have each of two branches [divided nearly up to base – see Leptophlebia/fg3 ()] lamelliformly widened in proximal part (distal part remains to be narrow and pointed); the lamelliform proximal part can have two distal processed by sides of the narrow distal part (in this case each lamella looks three-pointed), or these processes are absent. Non-unique apomorphy, the same in some Atalophlebia/fg3.

() Penis ...?

Size. Fore wing length 5–13 mm.

Distribution. Holarctic.

Nominal species in Leptophlebia/fg4:

albitarsus Bengtsson 1909 [Euphyurus] — typus nominis Euphyurus — syn.subj. vespertina [Ephemera

albipennis Retzius 1783 [Ephemera] — syn.subj. vespertina [Ephemera]

austrinus Traver 1932 [Blasturus]  

bradleyi Needham 1932 [Leptophlebia]  

collinus Traver 1932 [Blasturus]  

concinna Walker 1853 [Palingenia] — syn.subj. cupida [Ephemera]

cupida Say 1823[Ephemera] — typus nominis Blasturus  

fusca Burmeister 1839 [Baetis] — syn.subj. vespertina [Ephemera]

gracilis Traver 1932 [Blasturus] — syn.subj. johnsoni [Leptophlebia]

grandis Traver 1932 [Blasturus] — syn.subj. intermedius [Blasturus]

gravastellus Eaton 1884 [Blasturus]  

intermedius Traver 1932 [Blasturus]  

ignava Hagen 1861 [Baetis] — syn.subj. cupida [Ephemera]

johnsoni McDunnough 1924 [Leptophlebia]

marginata Linnaeus 1767 [Ephemera] --/

meyeri Eaton 1884 [Leptophlebia] — syn.subj. vespertina [Ephemera]

nebulosa Walker 1853 [Palingenia] ,,/

odonatus Walsh 1862 [Potamanthus] — syn.subj. nebulosa [Palingenia

pacificus McDunnough 1933 [Blasturus]  

pallipes Walker 1853 [Palingenia] — syn.subj. cupida [Ephemera

procellaria Schwarz 1830 [Ephemera] — syn.subj. marginata [Ephemera]  

quebecensis Provancher 1876 [Cloe] — syn.subj. cupida [Ephemera]

talcosa Stephens 1835[Ephemera] — syn.subj. marginata [Ephemera

vespertina Linnaeus 1758 [Ephemera] — typus nominis Leptophlebia --/

vibex Traver 1934 [Blasturus] — syn.subj. pacificus [Blasturus]

viridescens Fourcroy 1785 [Ephemera] — syn.subj. vespertina [Ephemera]  

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