(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Leptophlebia/fg1 Atalophleboadentata Atalophlebopectinata Atalophleboculata Atalophlebomaxillata Atalophlebolinguata ... Indialis/g1)

Nomen hierarchicum:  Indialis/g1 [g:1970] (incl. Edmundsula)

In circumscription fits:



Autapomorphies of Indialis/g1.

(1) A regular row of long thin setae on outer margin of larval femur is present on fore and middle legs, but absent on hind legs (Peters & Edmunds 1970: Fig.5). In ??Petersula?? fore and middle legs also have especially long and dense setae on outer margin of femur, but these are thin setae of the same kind as on hind legs.??

Characters of Indialis/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

() Patella-tibial suture as in Choroterpes/fg1 (incl. Thraulus, Nonnullidens): present in subimago and imago, absent in larva (as observed in rossi [Indialis]).

() Tergalii I are thinner than next ones and do not participate in respiratory movement (as observed in rossi [Indialis]): when tergalii IIVII make rhythmical respiratory movements, they are immovably projected laterally-dorsally. The same in some other taxa (see Index of characters [1.3.33]). In other respects all tergalii of pairs IVII are similar: bilamellate, each lamella lanceolate with stretched apex [primitive type see Leptophlebia/fg1 (10)].

() Hind wing has Sc terminating near middle of costal margin; costal projection is obtuse (see Index of character [2.2.62]). Larval hind protopteron in all cases has obtuse costal projection; if adult costal projection is stretched and pointed, it grows when wing develops from protopteron (Figs 51, 52). 

Plesiomorphies of Indialis/g1. Imaginal and subimaginal claws of all legs are ephemeropteroid (see Index of characters [2.2.85]).


Size. Fore wing length 610 mm.

Distribution. Southern India.

The taxon Indialis/g1 is divided into:

1. Indialis/g2
2. Edmundsula/g(1)

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