(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Leptophlebia/fg1 Atalophleboadentata Atalophlebopectinata Atalophleboculata
Terpides/fg1 - Fittkaulus)

Nomen hierarchicum: Fittkaulus/g(1) [g:1978]

In circumscription fits:

— gen. Fittkaulus Savage & Peters 1978: 293

— subgen. Fittkaulus: Kluge 2009

References. Kluge 2009: * * *; – Kluge 2015:  * * *

Autapomorphies of Fittkaulus.

(1) Gonostylus has 1 apical segments [instead of two diminished ones – see Terpides/fg1 (7)]. In contrast to Terpides/fg2 and Fikuna.

Characters of Fittkaulus of unclear phylogenetic status.

(2) Dorsal lamella of tergalii II–VI with projections by sides of terminal point; ventral lamella of each tergalius without projections by sides of terminal point (Kluge 2009: Fig.6–9) [see Terpides/fg1 (18)].

(3) Subimaginal cuticle of all legs of male and female 1st tarsomere (shortened) is covered by microtrichiae, and 2nd–5th tarsomeres are covered by blunt microlepides. The same in Tikuna, in contrast to Terpides/fg2, whose 1st tarsomere of male fore leg is covered by microlrepides [about other legs – see Terpides/fg1 (10)].

(4) Subimaginal cuticle of mesonotum with contrasting brown color pattern on colorless background (Kluge 2009: Fig.14). The same in Terpides/fg2, in contrast to Tikuna.

(5) Costal projection of hind wing prominent (Kluge 2009: Fig.12-13). The same in Tikuna, in contrast to Terpides/fg2.

Plesiomorphies of Fittkaulus.

(6) Egg without two rows of plates (Kluge 2015: Fig.108–111). In contrast to Terpides/fg2.

Size. Fore wing length 5–7 mm.

Distribution. Neotropical Region.

Nominal species in Terpides/fg1:

amazonicus Kluge 2009 [Terpides (Fittkaulus)] --/

cuiabae Savage 1986 [Fittkaulus]  

cururuensis Savage 1986 [Fittkaulus]  

maculatus Savage & Peters 1978 [Fittkaulus] — typus nominis Fittkaulus

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