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ThraulusChoroterpes/fg2 - Choroterpes/fg3

Nomen hierarchicum:  Choroterpes/fg3 [f:2012; g:1881] (sine Euthraulus; incl. Neochoroterpes)

In circumscription fits:

 Choroterpes/fg3 = gen. Choroterpes = subgen. Choroterpes: Kluge 2012

References. Kluge 2012:

Autapomorphies of Choroterpes/fg3.

(1) Middle process of tergalius [one of three apical processes of each two lamella see Choroterpes/fg2 (2)] is narrow at base and lanceolately widened at middle. This feature can be expressed either on both lamellae (Kluge 2012: Fig.67), or on dorsal lamella only (Kluge 2012: Fig.712, 3136, 5863); rarely not expressed at all (e.g., in Choroterpes (Neochoroterpes) kossi and Ch. (N.) crocatus).

Plesiomorphy of Choroterpes/fg3. Unlike Euthraulus/g1, penial arms are not strongly arched and not deeply inserted under the ninth abdominal segment (Kluge 2012: Fig.19, 38, 53, 65).

Size. Fore wing length 78 mm.

Distribution. Mainly Arctogea (Afrotropical, Oriental, Palaearctic and Nearctic Regions) with a few species in the north of Neotropical Region.

The taxon Choroterpes/fg3 is divided into:

1.1 Plesiomorphon Choroterpes/fg4

1.2 Neochoroterpes