(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna Bidentiseta Furcatergaliae  
Leptophlebia/fg1 Atalophleboadentata Atalophlebopectinata Atalophleboculata Atalophlebomaxillata Atalophlebolinguata ... Adenophlebiodes/g1)

Nomen hierarchicum: Adenophlebiodes/g1 [g:1924]

In circumscription fits:

— gen. Adenophlebiodes Ulmer 1924:23-37: 33

— gen. Euphlebia Crass 1947:37-100: 104

Nominal taxa included: 

Euphlebia/g [g:1947]

Hyalophlebia/g [g:1955]

References. Crass 1947:37-100: ; – Peters & Edmunds 1964: ; – Peters & Edmunds 1970:

Autapomorphies of Adenophlebiodes/g1.

(1) Tergalii [see Leptophlebia/fg1 (10)] are operculate: tergalius I is enlarged, single-lamellate, oval and serves as gill operculum, covering other tergalii; each tergalius II–VI or II–VII retain both lamellae, ventral lamella is wider, each lamella is apically cleft – i.e. with two blunt side apices, without median pointed apex; tergalius VII can be present or absent.

() ... 

Characters of Adenophlebiodes/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

() All imaginal and subimaginal claws are pointed. Non-unique apomorphy (see Index of characters [2.2.85]).

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Plesiomorphies of Adenophlebiodes/g1.


Size. Fore wing length 7–9 mm.

Distribution. Afrotropical Region.

Nominal species in Adenophlebiodes/g1:

adrieni Elouard-Hideux & Elouard 1991 [Adenophlebiodes (Adenophlebiodes)]   

bicolor Crass 1947 [Euphlebia]  — typus nominis Euphlebia

callasae Elouard-Hideux & Elouard 1991 [Adenophlebiodes (Adenophlebiodes)]  

decora Navas 1931 [Adenophlebia] — syn.subj. decorata [Adenophlebia]

decorata Navas 1931 [Adenophlebia] --/

decoratus Kimmins 1956 [Adenophlebiodes]   

delamarei Verrier 1951 [Habrophlebia]  — syn.subj. ornata [Adenophlebia]

demoulini Kimmins 1960 [Adenophlebiodes (Hyalophlebia)]  

dentifera Navas 1930 [Atalophlebia]  — typus nominis Hyalophlebia  

masonella Agnew 1961 [Adenophlebiodes (Adenophlebiodes)]

massirius Elouard-Hideux & Hideux 1991 [Adenophlebiodes (Adenophlebiodes)]  

ornata Ulmer 1916 [Adenophlebia]  — typus nominis Adenophlebiodes    

particiae Agnew 1961 [Adenophlebiodes (Hyalophlebia)]

rubeus Elouard-Hideux & Hideux 1991 [Adenophlebiodes (Adenophlebiodes)]  

seydeli Navas 1939 [Adenophlebia] ?

Examined also:

sp. (Mali)

sp. (Uganda) ,

sp. (Zambia)

A. (Hyalophlebia) sp.n. (Tanzania) --

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