(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta  
Tetramerotarsata Liberevenata Turbanoculata
 Anteropatellata Baetopus/g1 - Raptobaetopus/g1)

Nomen hierarchicum: Raptobaetopus/g1 [g:1978] (incl. Cymbalcloeon

In circumscription fits:

— subgen. Raptobaetopus: Tshernova & Kluge & Sinitshenkova & Belov 1986: 130;

— gen. Raptobaetopus Müller-Liebenau 1978: 470

Nominal taxon included:  Cymbalcloeon/g [2016]

References. Müller-Liebenau 1978: * *

Autapomorphies of Raptobaetopus/g1.

(1) Mouth apparatus is modified and more deeply adopted to carnivorism, than in Baetopus/g2: 

Labrum without median incision [see Turbanoculata (4)]. 

Mandibles are shortened perpendicular to axis of articulation, incisor is elongate. 

Maxillary canines and distal dentiseta are elongate, being pressed together they form a claw-like structure (similar in shape, but not in composition of parts with that of Prosopistoma/f1=g2 and Ameletopsis/fg1).

Characters of Raptobaetopus/g1 of unclear phylogenetic status. 

(2) Prostheca of right mandible not bifid, i.e. without long process ( Müller-Liebenau 1978: Abb. 9b).

(3) 2nd+3rd segment of labial palp [see Baetopus/g1 (1)] is thickest near base, narrowing toward apex.

Variable characters of Raptobaetopus/g1. Tergalii are either all I–VII pairs, subequal and oval (in tenellus [Centroptilum] and orientalis [Raptobaetopus]), or III–VII only, with V–VII greatly elongate (in undescribed species from Lombok), or V–VII only, translocated ventrally and greatly modified (in sartorii [Cymbalcloeon]).

Size. Fore wing length 3–4 mm (see Tetramerotarsata).

Distribution. Palaearctic and Oriental Region.

Nominal species in Raptobaetopus/g1:

balticus Kazlauskas (in Kazlauskas & Sanvaitite) 1962 [Baetopus] — syn.subj. tenellus [Centroptilum

orientalis Müller-Liebenau 1978 [Raptobaetopus] — typus nominis Raptobaetopus  

sartorii Sutthinun & Gattolliat & Boonsoong 2020 [Cymbalcloeon]  — typus nominis Cymbalcloeon

tenellus Albarda 1878 [Centroptilum]  --/

Examined also:

sp.n. (Lombok) 1

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