(Panephemeroptera Euephemeroptera Euplectoptera Anteritorna pm.Tridentiseta  
Tetramerotarsata Liberevenata Turbanoculata
 Anteropatellata Cloeon/fg1 Procloeon/g1 - Oculogaster)

Nomen hierarchicum: Oculogaster/g(1) [g:2016]  

In circumscription fits:
— Austrocloeon/g(1): Kluge 2012:361-376: 362

— subgen. Oculogaster Kluge 2016:491-516: 494

— Oculogaster/g1 Kluge 2016:491-516: 494

References. Kluge 2016:491-516: , , , ; – Kluge 2020:401-437: , , ,

Autapomorphies of Oculogaster.

(1) Viviparous. Non-unique apomorphy, the same in Cloeon/fg2, Callibaetis/fg1 and some other mayflies, but not in other Procloeon/g1. Eggs in female abdomen without stout chorion; when embryos are developed inside female abdomen, their eyes and ocelli are visible through imaginal integument as numerous small black spots (Kluge 2016: Fig.38–4276–79).

(2) Pterostigma normally either with one cross vein only (Kluge 2016: Fig.32, 40, 67, 74, 76–77), or with 2 cross veins (Kluge 2020: Fig.104) (on individual wings this number varies from 1 to 3) (Kluge 2020: Fig.40–41).

Peculiar character of Oculogaster of unclear phylogenetic status.

(3) Larval femur with two apical spine-like setae (Kluge 2020: Fig.17, 81, 110). The same in many other taxa of Turbanoculata, but not in other Procloeon/g1 and not in other Cloeon/fg1.

Other characters of Oculogaster of unclear phylogenetic status.

Larvae of all Oculogaster have a similar structure of the labium, with a pair of submedian setae distinguishable among other setae of dorsal surface (Kluge 2020: Fig.50, 113)

Mandibles of the «Baetis-type» (Kluge 2020:438-464: table 1 and p. 578), i.e. with incisor and kinetodontium fused, left prostheca wide, and all denticles of incisor, kinetodontium,
prostheca and mola visible in one view (Kluge 2020: Fig.51–52, 114–115)

All species of Oculogaster lack hind wings, and larvae have no vestiges of hind protoptera (Müller-Liebenau & Hubbard 1985: Fig. 9h).

Size. Fore wing length 4–5 mm (see Tetramerotarsata).

Distribution. Ehiopean Region.

Nominal species in Oculogaster/g(1):

album Kluge 2016 [Procloeon (Oculogaster)] --

barnardi Kluge 2020 [Procloeon (Oculogaster)] --

cylindroculum Kimmins 1956 [Procloeon]  --

julia Gillies 1949 [Cloeon]

malabarensis Kluge 2020 [Procloeon (Oculogaster)] --

niger Kluge 2020 [Procloeon (Oculogaster)] --

regularum Müller-Liebenau & Hubbard 1985 [Procloeon] --

silvicola Gillies 1997 [Procloeon]

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