Kluge & Bernal Vega 2018: Figs 5-15 16-21 22-24 25-33 34-43 44-47 48-52 53-55 56-61 62-70 71-76 77-84 85-88 89-95 96-101 102-104

Fig. 4447. Genital of Moribaetis maculipennis. 44 hind margin of IX sternum of mature larva and subimaginal gonostyli crumpled under larval cuticle (specimen with fully developed subimaginal wings); 45 gonostyli crumpled under larval cuticle just before molt to subimago; 46 exuviae of subimaginal gonostyli; 47 genitals of male imago (ventral view; muscles and internal sclerites shown by interrupted lines). Abbreviations: gs1, gs2, gs3 segments of gonostylus; gv gonovectis; m.IX-X intersegmental muscle going from base of IX sternum to base of paraproct; sterno-styligeral muscle; pgs larval protogonostylus; us unistyliger.