Kluge 2020: Demoulinia      list of figures


Figs 6266. Male genitalia of Demoulinia crassi. 62 penis, ventral view (left muscles not shown); 63 genitalia, ventral view (penis dotted; left gonovectal muscle and right styligeral muscle not shown); 64 penis (dotted), posterior view (left muscle not shown); 65 subimaginal gonostyli crumpled under larval cuticle; 66 exuviae subimaginal of gonostyli (gd gonoduct; gs1, gs2, gs3 segments of gonostylus; m.gv gonovectal-sternal muscle; m.g-t, gonovectal-tergal muscle; m.pp paces of attachment of muscles going to paraprocts; sterno-styligeral muscle; usg unistyliger).