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Figs 103106. Genitals of Cheleocloeon clavifolium. 103 subimaginal exuviae; 104 imaginal genitals, posterior view; 105 the same, ventral view with unistyligers and gonostyli brought together and gonovectes turned cranially (on the left half, gonovectal muscles shown by interrupted lines, gonovectis shown by interrupted line and stippled, gonoduct shown by stippled line, gonostylar muscle and external pigmentation not shown; on the right half, gonostylar and gonovectal muscles shown by interrupted lines, gonoduct not shown, external pigmentation shown by stippling; median styligeral muscle shown by interrupted lines, areas of anterior attachment of median paraproctal muscles shown by stippled lines); 106 the same with unistyligers and gonostyli turned apart and gonovectes turned caudally (hidden parts of penis shown by interrupted lines, gonoducts shown by dotted lines). Abbreviations: gd gonoduct; gs1, gs2, gs3 segments of gonostylus; gv gonovectis; mIX-X areas of attachment of paraproctal muscles; pb penial bridge; usg unistyliger.