Kluge 2014 (Notophlebia): Figs 1-3 4-10 11-22 23-25 26-30 31-45 46-51 52-54

Figs 1120. Notophlebia ganeshi. 11 male imaginal mesonotum; 12 male subimaginal exuviae of right half of mesonotum. 1319 legs at the same magnification (arrows show ontogenesis): 13 fore leg of male imago; 14 fore leg of male larva (long hair-like setae not shown); 1517 fore, middle and hind legs of male subimago; 18 hind leg of male imago; 19 fore leg of female imago. 20 tarsus of larval hind leg before molt to subimago (larval cuticle shown as optic section by black; subimaginal cuticle shown by integral lines; imaginal claw developing under subimaginal cuticle shown by interrupted lines). 21 posterior margin of abdominal sternum IX of mature female larva; 22 the same, of female imago (1218 holotype). 


Abbreviations: LPs lateroparapsidal suture; MNs mesonotal suture; MPs medioparapsidal suture.