Kluge 2014 (Notophlebia): Figs 1-3 4-10 11-22 23-25 26-30 31-45 46-51 52-54


Figs 410. Notophlebia ganeshi, larval mouthparts (at the same magnification, except 6). 4 hypopharynx and superlinguae; 5 labrum (setae of distal transverse row not shown, their bases shown as dots and levels of their apices shown by dotted line); 6 apex of maxilla, ventral view; 7 maxilla, ventral view (apical and median setae not shown, their apices shown by dotted lines); 8 labium (dorsal view at left, ventral view at right); 9 apex of labial palp, dorsal view; 10 left mandible (5, 10 holotype).