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Figs 814. Simothraulopsis (Maculognathus) sabalo sp.n.
8 larval claw (holotype); 911 genitals of mature male larva ready to moult to subimago: 9 larval protopenis and protogonostyli, dorsal view (buds of subimaginal penis and one gonostylus shown by interrupted line); 10 right lobe of larval protopenis, ventral view (cuticular larval gonoduct shown by interrupted line); 11 bud of right lobe of subimaginal penis, extracted from larval protopenis, ventral view (cuticular subimaginal gonoduct shown by interrupted line); 12 genitals of male subimago, ventral view; 13 genitals of male imago, ventral view; 14 proximal part of fore wing.