Kluge 2004: Fig.106

Figure 106. Leptophlebia/fg1.

AC Leptophlebia/fg4 marginata [Ephemera]: A larval exuviae, left side of prothorax and mesothorax (pleurites and leg bases shown by dots); B right maxilla, ventral view; C apex of right maxilla, ventral view (dentisetae shown by dots). D Neoleptophlebia/g* japonicus Matsumura 1931 [Baetis] (= chocolata Imanishi 1937 [Paraleptophlebia]), subimaginal exuviae of right half of mesonotum. E Farrodes/g1 bimaculatus Peters & Alayo 1971 [Farrodes], subimaginal exuviae of right half of mesonotum. F scheme of venation of cubital field of fore wing. GI schemes of maxillary apex: G Leptophlebia/fg2 (corresponds to Fig.C); H Habrophlebia/fg1; I Atalophlebia/fg1. (B from Kluge 1997d; C from Kluge 1998; D from Kluge 1997b; E from Kluge 1994b; GI from Kluge 1994c).

Abbreviations: ds1 distal dentiseta; ds2 proximal dentiseta; LS lateroscutum; MNs mesonotal suture; MPs medioparapsidal suture; PSL parascutellum; SLS sublateroscutum.