Kluge 2004: Fig.105

Figure 105. Tricorythodes/fg1, Allenhyphes and Ephemerella/fg1 incertae sedis.

A–E – Tricorythodes/fg1 cubensis [Tricorythodes]: A – tibia and tarsus of imaginal right hind leg, anterior view; B–D – claws of male left fore leg: B – subimaginal claws inside tarsus of mature larva (imaginal cuticle shown by interrupted line); C – subimaginal claws (imaginal cuticle shown by interrupted line); D – imaginal claws; E – optic section of median part of cercus of mature female lava, with subimaginal paracercus inside (compare with Fig.100:G). F – Allenhyphes/g* flinti [Leptohyphes], base of paracercus and right cercus of male imago, lateral view (left cercus removed). G – Coryphorus/fg1 sp.Cor1, left tergalii II–V, ventral view. H – ?Leptohyphodes/g sp. (Brazil), right tergalii II–V, dorsal view.