Kluge 2004: Fig.102

Figure 102. Leptohyphes/fg* eximius [Leptohyphes], female subimago dissected from mature larva.

A subimaginal head and thorax, dissected from larva (left fore wing is folded as inside larval protopteron, right wing removed); B thorax, lateral view; C pterothorax, ventral view (nerve chain shown by interrupted line, muscle bases shown by checks); D pterothorax, median section. (From Kluge 1992c)

Abbreviations: ANi anteronotal transverse impression; ANp anteronotal protuberance; ES(II) episternum of mesothorax; ES(III) episternum of metathorax; FSp furcasternal protuberance; ISL-LPN infrascutellar-lateropostnotal arm; KEM katepimeron; LPN lateropostnotum; LPNC lateropostnotal crest; LPs lateroparapsidal suture; LPN:Ls longitudinal suture of lateropostnotum; MNs mesonotal suture; MPN mediopostnotum; MPs medioparapsidal suture; MTm(II) median tergal muscle of mesothorax; MTm(III) median tergal muscle of metathorax; MTN metanotum; PCxsA anterior paracoxal suture; PSp posterior scutal protuberance; SA.Sm subalar-sternal muscle; S.ESm(II) scuto-episternal muscle of mesothorax; S.ESm(III) scuto-episternal muscle of metathorax; SL scutellum; S.LPNm scuto-lateropostnotal muscle; TIS transverse interscutal suture.