Kluge 2004: Fig.97

Figure 97. Pantricorythi-Tricoryptera-Afrotricorythi-Tricorygnatha.

AD Tricorythus/fg5 discolor [Oxycypha]: A right maxilla, ventral view (among setae of subapical ventral field, only two setae are shown; dentiseta shown by dots); B apex of maxilla with bases of setae, dorsal view (dentiseta shown by dots); C bases of setae of ventral row on maxilla, ventral view; D subimaginal exuviae of left mesopleuron (compare with Figs 96:B and 5:D). EG Tricorythus/fg5 tinctus [Tricorythus]: E larval exuviae of right half of pronotum and mesonotum; BG tergalius II: B ventral view; G lateral view.

Abbreviations: KEM katepimeron; LPNC lateropostnotal crest; PSA postsubalar sclerite of lateropostnotum; SA subalare.