Kluge 2004: Fig.96E-H

Figure 96. Pantricorythi-Teloganodes/g1. [A-D]

A–B – stephani [Dudgeodes] (= sp.T1), female subimago: A – mesonotum; B – left mesopleuron (compare with Fig.5:D). C–E – insignis [Macafertiella]: C – apex of right maxilla, ventral view (dentisetae shown by dots); D – subimaginal hind wing anlage extracted from immature larva; E – right tergalii, dorsal view (ventral lobe turned apart and shown from ventral side). F – sp.T4, the same; G – jacobusi [Teloganodes] (= sp.T2), the same; H – eloisae [Derlethina] (= sp.T3), the same.

Abbreviations: II, III, IV, V, VI – tergalii of II–VI pairs; d – dorsal lobe of tergalius; KEM – katepimeron; LPNC – lateropostnotal crest; PSA – postsubalar sclerite of lateropostnotum; SA – subalare; v:a – anal branch of ventral lobe; v:c – costal branch of ventral lobe.