Kluge 2004: Fig.95

Figure 95. Pantricorythi: Vietnamella and Austremerella.

AE Vietnamella/fg1: AB ornata [Ephemerellina], holotype, fore and hind wings (drawn from subimago, but marginal setae not shown); CE thani [Vietnamella]: C apex of right maxilla, ventral view (dentisetae shown by dots); DE holotype, right tergalius I: D right margin of abdominal segment I (fused with metathorax) and segment II, dorsal view (tergalius I in natural position, tergalius II removed); E optic section of tergalius I. FG Austremerella/fg* picta [Austremerella], right tergalii II, VI and VII, dorsal view (on tergalii II and VI ventral lobe turned apart and shown from ventral side).

Abbreviations: d dorsal lobe of tergalius; cx, tr posterior margin of hind coxa and trochanter; v:a anal branch of ventral lobe; v:c costal branch of ventral lobe.