Kluge 2004: Fig.91

Figure 91. Ephemerella/fg2, larvae.

A–F – Ephemerella/fg3: A–B – Torleya/g2 ignita [Ephemera]: A – dorsal view (left legs and tergalii removed, right half of metanotum and anterior abdominal terga shown by interrupted line); B – left tergalius VI, ventral view. C – Ephemerella/fg5 aurivillii [Chitonophora], left tergalius VI, ventral view. D–F – Drunella/g1 aculea [Ephemerella], tergalius III: D – ventral view; E – lateral view; F – apex of one of branches of ventral lobe, schematic. G–I – Timpanoga/fg2 Eurylophella/fg2 karelica [Eurylophella]: G – optic section of tergalius I; H – left margin of abdominal segment I (fused with metathorax) and segment II, dorsal view (tergalius I in natural position); I – larval abdomen, dorsal view (left tergalii IV–VII removed). (A–C, I – from Kluge 1997d).