Kluge 2004: Fig.88


Figure 88. Caenis/f5=g3, larvae.

AH Caenis/f6=g4: AF macrura [Caenis]: A mature male larva, dorsal view (right gill operculum removed); B larval exuviae of right half of pronotum and mesonotum; C right gill operculum (tergalius II), ventral view; D ventral side and distal margin of gill operculum; E abdominal sternum IX of male larva, ventral view; F transverse section on level of abdominal segment III; G horaria [Ephemera], microtrichiae on ventral side of gill operculum; H lactea [Oxycypha], abdominal sternum IX of male larva, ventral view. IK Clypeocaenis/fg1: I Clypeocaenis/g3 oligosetosa [Clypeocaenis], larval head, lateral view (mouthparts removed); JK Amercaenis/g* ridens [Caenis], left gill operculum (tergalius II): G dorsal view; H cross section. (A, CE, GH from Kluge 1997d; B from Kluge 1997b).

Abbreviations: cly clypeus; co collar; fr frons; lbr labrum; mt microtrichia; terII, terIII tergalii II and III.