Kluge 2004: Fig.86

Figure 86. Caenoptera.

A Brachycercus/f1=g3 minutus [Brachycercus], prothorax and head of male imago, ventral view; BG Caenis/f4=g2: B Caenis/f6=g4 horaria [Ephemera], the same; CE Tillyardocaenis/g* tillyardi [Caenis]: C abdominal sternum IX of mature male larva, ventral view (internal structures shown by interrupted lines: subimaginal cuticle without dots, imaginal parts with dots; penis not shown); D right gonostylus of male imago, ventral view; E the same, median view. FG Caenis/fg* macrura [Caenis]: F fore wing; G tibia and tarsus of imaginal right hind leg, anterior view. (A, B from Tshernova & Kluge & Sinitshenkova & Belov 1986).