Kluge 2004: Fig.84

Figure 84. Caenoptera-Brachycercus/f1=g3.

A minutus [Brachycercus] left imaginal gonostylus, ventral view (arrows show cross sections). BE harrisella [Brachycercus]: B abdominal sternum IX of mature male larva, ventral view (internal structures shown by interrupted lines: subimaginal cuticle without dots, imaginal parts with dots); C genitals of male imago, ventral view (muscles of styliger, gonostyli and penis shown by interrupted lines); D genitals of male imago, median section with muscles of styliger, gonostyli and penis; E ventral side and lateral margin of gill operculum (tergalius II). (A from Kluge 1991a).

Abbreviations: gsty gonostylus; p penis; sg styliger. I imaginal part; L larval bud; S subimaginal cuticle.