Kluge 2004: Fig.83

Figure 83. Leucorhoenanthus/g* maxima [Caenis], thorax of imago and subimago.

A imaginal pterothorax, lateral view; B imaginal pterothorax, median section; C subimaginal exuviae of left mesopleuron with middle coxa (compare with Figs 5:D and 71:D); D imaginal pterothorax, ventral view (nerve chain shown by interrupted line); E imaginal mesonotum, dorsal view; F subimaginal exuviae of right half of mesonotum; G tibia and tarsus of imaginal left middle leg, anterior view. (A, B, F from Kluge 1997b; E from Kluge 1998).

Abbreviations: AES anepisternum; FSp furcasternal protuberance; FSi furcasternal median impression; ISL infrascutellum; KEM katepimeron; KES katepisternum; LPNC lateropostnotal crest; LS lateroscutum; MNs mesonotal suture.