Kluge 2004: Fig.76

Figure 76. Cryptoprosternata, larval head.

AC Polymitarcys/f2=Ephoron/g3 Eopolymitarcys/g* nigridorsum [Eopolymitarcys]: A median section of head (compare with Figs 69:G, I, 67:C); B head, lateral view (instead of long setae, their bases and occupied area are shown); C head, dorsal view (on right setae are not shown). DE Palingenia/f3=g2: D Anagenesia/g1 Chankagenesia/g* natans [Chankagenesia], right mandible, dorsal view, separately enlarged denticle terminated by a spine-like seta; E Palingenia/f4=g3 longicauda [Ephemera], lateral margin of mandibular tusk. (CE from Kluge 1997d).

Abbreviations: cly clypeus; fr frons; i incisor; kd kinetodontium; lbr labrum; m mola; md mandibular tusk; labial palp; maxillary palp; tnt tentorium.