Kluge 2004: Fig.71

Figure 71. Ephemera/fg10, adults.

AC Ephemera/fg11: AB romantzovi [Ephemera], fore and hind wings; C vulgata [Ephemera], imaginal pterothorax, lateral view. DE Sinephemera/g* strigata [Ephemera]: D subimaginal exuviae of left mesopleuron (compare with Fig.5:D); E subimaginal exuviae of right half of mesonotum. F Afromera/g1 siamensis [Ephemera], subimaginal exuviae of left mesopleuron (here dotes show sclerotized ares, but not pigmentation; cuticle is nearly entirely colourless) (AB from Kluge 1988b; DE from Kluge 1997b).

Abbreviations: AEM anepimeron; AES anepisternum; ANi anteronotal transverse impression; BR basiradiale; BSc basisubcostale; KEM katepimeron; KES katepisternum; LPNC lateropostnotal crest; LPs lateroparapsidal suture; LS lateroscutum; MNs mesonotal suture; MPs medioparapsidal suture; PLsS superior pleural suture; PSA postsubalar sclerite of lateropostnotum; PSp posterior scutal protuberance; PWP pleural wing process; SA subalare; SAC subalar conjunctiva; SMS submedioscutum; S.PSLs scuto-parascutellar suture; SrA suralare.