Kluge 2004: Fig.69

Figure 69. Euthyplocia/fg1.

AH Euthyplocia/fg2 inaccessibile [Euthyplocia]: AB fore and hind wings; C imaginal pterothorax, lateral view; D larval left fore leg, dorsal view; E apical projection of fore tibia; F median section of larval head; G larval head and prothorax (right mandible not shown); H imaginal pterothorax, front view. I Exeuthyplocia/fg* minima [Euthyplocia], median section of larval head (compare with Figs 67:C and 76:A). (A, B, DF from Kluge & Naranjo 1994).

Abbreviations: cly clypeus; co collar; fr frons; FSp furcasternal protuberance; lbr labrum; md mandibular tusk; labial palp; maxillary palp; tnt tentorium.