Kluge 2004: Fig.68

Figure 68. Potamanthus/fg* lutea [Ephemera].

AB fore and hind wings. C apex of left maxilla, median view (dentisetae shown by dots, setae of medio-dorsal row shown by black); DE imaginal pterothorax: D ventral view (nerve chain shown by interrupted line); E lateral view. F subimaginal exuviae of right half of mesonotum. (C, E from Kluge 1998).

Abbreviations: AES anepisternum; ds1 distal dentiseta; ds2 proximal dentiseta; FSp furcasternal protuberance; KES katepisternum; LPs lateroparapsidal suture; MNs mesonotal suture; MPs medioparapsidal suture; PCxsA anterior paracoxal suture.