Kluge 2004: Fig.67

Figure 67. Potamanthus/fg1, larvae.

AD Potamanthus/fg* lutea [Ephemera]: A right margins of abdominal segments I and II with tergalius I and base of tergalius II, dorsal view (tergalial muscles shown by interrupted lines, other muscles not shown); B larval exuviae of right half of pronotum and mesonotum; C median section of larval head and thorax; D right mandible, dorsal view. E Rhoenanthus/g1 coreanus [Potamanthus], right mandible, dorsal view. (B, C from Kluge 1997b).

Abbreviations: cly clypeus; co collar; cx margin of hind coxa; fr frons; i incisor; kd kinetodontium; lbr labrum; m mola; prs prostheca.