Kluge 2004: Fig.65

Figure 65. Epeorus/fg3, larvae.

A Belovius/g2, cross section through abdominal segment VIII and tergalii VII; B Iron/g1, the same. C Epeorus/fg4 zaitzevi [Epeorus], margin of abdominal tergum IV and right tergalius IV, dorsal view. D Albertiron/g* albertae [Iron], right tergalius IV, dorsal view. EF Belovius/g2 pellucida [Cinygma]: E right tergalius IV, dorsal view; F apex of right maxilla, ventral view (dentisetae, canines and sclerotized areas shown by dots). GI Iron/g1 Ironopsis/g1: G Caucasiron/g* caucasica [Cinygma], tergalius II, dorsal view; HI Ironopsis/g2 rheophilus [Iron]: H anterior margin of tergalius II, dorsal view; I median section of larval head capsule and labrum. (C, G, H from Kluge 1997d).

Abbreviations: c1, c2, c3 maxillary canines; cly clypeus; ds1, ds2 dentisetae; fr frons; lbr labrum.