Kluge 2004: Fig.55

Figure 55. Heptagenia/f8=g7, larvae.

AB chinensis [Heptagenia]: A male larva; B setae on outer side of femur. C guranica [Heptagenia], the same. DI flava [Heptagenia]: D glossae, dorsal view (in left half) and ventral view (in right half); E labium, ventral view; F hypopharynx and superlinguae, ventral view; G middle part of left cercus, dorsal view; H right maxilla, ventral view; I distal segment of left labial palp, ventral view. (AC from Kluge 1987a; F, G, I from Kluge 1988a; E, F, H from Kluge 1997d).