Kluge 2004: Fig.44

Figure 44. Discoglossata-Geminovenata-Oligoneuriella/g2, larvae.

AD Oligoneuriella/g2 pallida [Oligoneuria]: A male larva (in left half, outline of hypodermal bud of adult fore wing, its venation and plumidium are shown by dotted lines; in right half, metanotum with larval hind protopteron is shown by interrupted line); B tergalius, ventral view; C the same, cross section by line shown in Fig.B; D apex of left maxilla, dorsal view (dentisetae shown by dots, setae of inner-ventral row shown by black). EF Oligoneuriella/g2 tskhomelidzei [Oligoneuriella]: E larval head, dorsal view (in left half part of dorsal wall removed to show tentorium, smaller part of ventral wall removed to show clypeus and labrum); F the same, longitudinal section close to left margin of labrum. (A from Kluge 1997, added; D from Kluge 1998, corrected)

Abbreviations: cly clypeus; fr frons; lbr labrum.