Kluge 2004: Fig.43

Figure 43. Discoglossata-Geminovenata and egg anchors of Branchitergaliae.

A–B – Oligoneuriella/g2 tskhomelidzei [Oligoneuriella], abdominal segments I–III, lateral view (muscles moving tergalii shown by interrupted lines, arrows show points of tergalii attachment): A – larva; B – subimago; C – imago. D–F – Oligoneurisca/g* borysthenica [Oligoneuriella], larvae (syntypi): D – mature male larva, tarsus of right fore leg (developing inside it adult tarsal apex shown by interrupted line); E – female mature larva, tarsus of right fore leg; F – claw of left hind leg. G–H – anchors on egg surface: G – anchor typical for Branchitergaliae, in coiled and spread position; H – vestigial anchor of Geminovenata (A–B – from Kluge 1989a; G–H – from Kluge 1998).