Kluge 2004: Fig.41

Figure 41. Isonychia/fg2

AB Isonychia/fg2 crassiuscula [Isonychia]: A tergalius V, dorsal view (ventral fibrillose lobe turned back); B labium, dorsal view (in left half) and ventral view (in right half) (setation not shown, areas occupied by dense setae of glossae, paraglossae and palps shown by dotted lines; instead of setae of regular row on palp, their bases and area occupied are shown; muscles of glossae, paraglossae and palp shown by interrupted lines in right half) (compare with Figs 37:D and 44:B); C Isonychia/fg2 ussurica [Isonychia], apex of left maxilla, dorsal view; DE Isonychia/fg2 ignota [Baetis]: D larval head and prothorax, lateral view (fore leg removed); E larval fore leg.

Abbreviations: a.r1 anterior branch of anal rib; a.r2 posterior branch of anal rib; c.r costal rib; ds1 vestige of distal dentiseta; ds2 proximal dentiseta; gl glossa; lbr labrum; pgl paraglossa; labial palp; maxillary palp.