Kluge 2004: Fig.37

Figure 37. Coloburiscus/fg1-Coloburiscoides/g1 munionga [Coloburiscoides], larva.

A thoracic terga of larva of beginning of last instar (larval metathorax shown by interrupted line at right half, hypodermal parts shown by dotted line); B part of posterior margin of larval tergum VIII; C left maxilla, dorsal view (setation not shown, areas occupied by dense irregular palpal and apical setae, and by two regular median rows of setae, shown by dotted lines); D labium, dorsal view (in left half) and ventral view (in right half) (setation not shown, areas occupied by dense setae of glossae, paraglossae and palps shown by dotted lines; muscles of glossae, paraglossae and palp shown by interrupted lines) (compare with Figs 41:B and 44:B).

Abbreviations: ds1, ds2 dentisetae; gl glossa; pgl paraglossa; 2nd+3rd segment of labial palp.