Kluge 2004: Fig.36

Figure 36. Rallidens/fg* mcfarlanei [Rallidens].

A left maxilla, dorsal view; B right tergalius III, ventral view; C pterothorax of female imago, ventral view (nerve ganglions and inner margins of bases of subalar-sternal muscles shown by interrupted lines); D the same, lateral view. (C, D from Kluge & al., 1995)

Abbreviations: AES anepisternum; a.r anal rib; c1, c2, c3 maxillary canines; c.r costal rib ds1, ds2, ds3 dentisetae; FSp furcasternal protuberance; KES katepisternum; MNs mesonotal suture; PAB:PA posterior arc of prealar bridge; PCxsA anterior paracoxal suture.