Kluge 2004: Fig.31

Figure 31. Nesameletus/f1=Metamonius/g1, maxillae and mandibles.

AD Nesameletus/f2=Metamonius/g2: AB flavitinctus [Ameletus]: A apex of left maxilla, dorsal view, canines and distal dentiseta pressed together (distal dentiseta shown by dots); B the same, canines and distal dentiseta not pressed together (distal dentiseta shown by dots); CD anceps [Metamonius]: C left maxilla, dorsal view (muscles shown by interrupted lines); D right mandible, dorsal view. EF Siphluriscus/fg* chinensis [Siphluriscus]: E apex of maxilla (some bristles are not drawn; dentisetae shown by dots); F kinetodontium and prostheca of right mandible, dorsal view. (A, B from Kluge & al., 1995).

Abbreviations: c1, c2, c3 maxillary canines; ds1, ds2, ds3 first, second and third dentisetae; i incisor; kd kinetodontium; m mola; prs prostheca.