Kluge 2004: Fig.9

Figure 9. Movements of larvae.

AB Siphlonurus/fg1 (larva with primary siphlonuroid swimming specialization): A lateral view of swimming larva; dorsal view of its caudalii. CE swimming larvae of various Radulapalpata (rheophilous taxon, in which swimming siphlonuroid specialization is partly or completely lost): C Rhithrogena/fg3 (leg pose differs from siphlonuroid); Heptagenia/f6=g5 (legs free); E Ecdyonurus/fg1 (swims by legs rather than by abdomen). FH rheophilous representatives of Turbanoculata: FG Baetiella/g1 tuberculatum Kazlauskas 1963 [Pseudocloeon (Baetiella)]; Acentrella/g1 gnom Kluge 1983 [Pseudocloeon]. IN Respiratory movements: IM respiratory movements of Ameletus/fg1 representing modified primary siphlonuroid swimming movements; N special respiratory movements of Baetis/fg* different from its swimming movements. (FN from Kluge & Nivikova & Brodsky 1984).