Kluge 2004: Fig.6

Figure 6. Right half of imaginal mesonotum and forewing base of Siphlonurus/fg4 aestivalis [Siphlurus], smoothed on slide (membrane between axillary sclerites broken, the break shown by black) (from Kluge 1994a).

Abbreviations: ALPs antelateroparapsidal suture; ALSc anterolateral scutal costa; ALSs anterolateral scutal suture; ANi anteronotal transverse impression; ANp anteronotal protuberance; APM middle articulatory process of wing base; APP posterior articulatory process of wing base; AxA anterior axillary sclerite; AxC axillary cord; AxM  middle axillary sclerite; AxP posterior axillary sclerite; AxPr proximal axillary sclerite; BA basalare; BAn basanale; BSc basisubcostale; BR basiradiale; cb costal brace; HP humeral plate; ISL infrascutellum; LPN lateropostnotum; LPs  lateroparapsidal suture; LS lateroscutum; LSs lateral scutal suture; MLs median longitudinal suture; MNs mesonotal suture; MS medioscutum; MPs medioparapsidal suture (notaulix); PAB:DA dorsal arc of prealar bridge; PAB:PA posterior arc of prealar bridge; PhA anterior phragma; PLS prelateroscutum; PSL parascutellum; PSLccv parascutellar lateral concavity; PSLcvx parascutellar lateral convexity; PSp posterior scutal protuberance; RSSLs recurrent scuto-scutellar suture; SL scutellum; SLS sublateroscutum; SMS submedioscutum; S.PSLs scuto-parascutellar suture; SrA suralare; S.SLi scuto-scutellar impression; Teg tegula.