Kluge 2004: Fig.5A

Figure 5. Pterothorax of Siphlonurus/fg4 aestivalis [Siphlurus]. [B-D]

AC imaginal pterothorax: AB lateral view; C anterior view (muscles shown by interrupted lines and dotted, muscle bases outlined by dotted lines); D subimaginal exuviae of left mesopleuron. (From Kluge 1994a).

Abbreviations: AEM anepimeron; AES anepisternum; ALPs antelateroparapsidal suture; ALSc anterolateral scutal costa; ALSs anterolateral scutal suture; ANi anteronotal transverse impression; ANp anteronotal protuberance; AN.Pm anteronoto-pleural muscle; Ax.Fm axillar-furcal muscle; Ax.PmI inferior axillar-pleural muscle; BA basalare; BA.Cm basalar-coxal muscle; BA.SmI inferior basalar-sternal muscle; BA.SmS superior basalar-sternal muscle; BR basiradiale; BS basisternum; BSc basisubcostale; CxC coxal conjunctiva; Cx.Cxm coxo-coxal muscle; F furca; F.Cm furca-coxal muscle; F.CmP posterior furca-coxal muscle; F.CmS superior furca-coxal muscle; Fm furcal muscle; FS furcasternum; FSp furcasternal protuberance; HP humeral plate; iFm intersegmental furcal muscle; ISL infrascutellum; KEM katepimeron; KES katepisternum; KESsA anterior katepisternal suture; KESsP posterior katepisternal suture; LPN lateropostnotum; LPNC lateropostnotal crest; LPs lateroparapsidal suture; LSs lateral scutal suture; MLs median longitudinal suture; MNs mesonotal suture; MPN mediopostnotum; MPs medioparapsidal suture (notaulix); MS medioscutum; MTm median tergal muscle; PAB:DA dorsal arc of prealar bridge; PAB:LA lateral arc of prealar bridge; PAB:PA posterior arc of prealar bridge; PAB:VA ventral arc of prealar bridge; P.Cm pleuro-coxal muscle; PCxsA anterior paracoxal suture; PCxsP posterior paracoxal suture; PhA anterior phragma; PhM middle phragma; PhP posterior phragma; PLS prelateroscutum; PLsI inferior pleural suture; PLsS superior pleural suture; PSA postsubalar sclerite of lateropostnotum; PSL.Cm parascutellar-coxal muscle; PSp posterior scutal protuberance; P.Trm pleuro-trochanteral muscle; PWP pleural wing process; SA subalare; SAC subalar conjunctiva; SA.Cm subalar-coxal muscle; SA.Fm subalar-furcal muscle; SA.Sm subalar-sternal muscle; S.CmA anterior scuto-coxal muscle (tergal promotor of coxa); S.CmP posterior scuto-coxal muscle (tergal remotor of coxa); S.ESm scuto-episternal muscle of mesothorax; S.ESm3 scuto-episternal muscle of metathorax; SL scutellum; S.LPNm scuto-lateropostnotal muscle; SLS sublateroscutum; SMS submedioscutum; S.PSLs scuto-parascutellar suture; S.Trm scuto-trochanteral muscle; SrA.Pm suralare-pleural muscle; S.SLi scuto-scutellar impression; Teg tegula.