Kluge 2004: Fig.1

Figure 1. Cages for rearing mayflies.

AD Two different variant of water-cages for rearing subimagoes from larvae: AB 1st variant of water-cage, made of polyamide net with aluminium framework: A in assembled condition ready to use; B in disassembled condition; CD 2nd variant of water-cage, made of polyamide net and translucent plastic: C in assembled condition ready to use; D scheme of horizontal section, to show method of fastening of plastic walls, net walls and non-removable floats. E air-cage for rearing imagoes from subimagoes.

a cube (without upper wall) made of polyamide net; b textile tube; c 2 aluminium frameworks attached to polyamide net by threads; d 2 foamy plastic floats attached to framework; e 2 removable foamy plastic floats; f 4 metallic staples to fix removable foamy plastic floats; g removable metallic bracket with string; h polyamide cord; i plummet; j 2 walls of thick translucent plastic; k 2 square plates of thin translucent plastic; l band of polyamide net forming two walls and bottom; m schematically shown two spaces, where thick and thin plastic plates are glued together by the same translucent plastic dissolved in chloroform.